What are the requirements for the RoverTown internship?

Passion, determination, and the will to succeed. Housing near your local university, reliable transportation and the ability to work full-time this summer.

How do I apply?

There will be a series of questions to fill out and a place to upload your resume. After that, if you are selected, you will move on to a video interview with a hiring manager.

When does the internship start?

The internship starts in May, 2016 and goes until August, 2016. The specific dates are dependant on your academic calendar.

Where does the internship take place?

This is an exciting internship that takes place in your college town. You will visit local businesses each day and sell them on the value of offering an awesome student discount to your school on the RoverTown app. It will be your responsibility to determine the hot spots around campus and build a relationship with those business owners.

Will I receive any materials from RoverTown for my internship?

Yes, we will send you a RoverTown Polo, marketing materials including RoverBones, RoverBone door stickers, sales booklets for business owners, and more. We also will be sending you a Campus Intern Training Manual and more.

What type of support team will be there to help me succeed during this internship?

We will have Sales Managers that help you every step of the way. They will be available by email, phone, and text at any time. They know what it's like to be in your shoes and will be there to help you grow as a professional and most importantly -- succeed.

For each sale you make, you will receive a substantial commission. You can make up to $5,000 this summer if you work REALLY hard. Each week, if you hit certain milestones you will be rewarded with bonuses.

What if I have no sales experience?

No problem. This opportunity is all about getting out there and getting experience. When our founders first started RoverTown they had no experience. We walked through the door of businesses, smiled, shook the owner’s hand, and confidently explained the power of mobile marketing with RoverTown. You will gain skills in this internship that will help you in your long term career.

What training will I receive?

Epic Sales Training Week will consist of live video training each day from Rover HQ in St. Louis. This six day program will help you gain the confidence you need to hit the ground running on May 2. In addition to Epic Sales Training Week you will receive ongoing training from Rover HQ throughout your internship. You will come out of this internship with sales skills that will help you land your dream job!

What will I get out of this internship?

You will gain formal sales training experience and build strong relationships with prominent business owners in your college town. If you are a top performer, we will share your resume with our Career Partners who are excited to speak with you. RoverTown selects only the best for our sales internship program. If you are accepted, this program is the fastest way to accelerate your career.

Why work at RoverTown?

We are a booming startup making a name for ourselves. You will help build a fast growing tech company, doing real work, not getting someone coffee and picking up their dry cleaning. The feeling you will get at the end of the summer knowing YOU built the student discount program at YOUR school will be priceless. All your hard work will contribute to students saving money every single day! This is your ticket to ride on a rocket ship-- don't miss out.