What is RoverTown?

RoverTown is your student discount app. It makes it easy to save money around campus by letting you find and redeem all your student discounts using nothing but your smartphone.

How does it work?

Discounts are added to RoverTown all the time (both by us and by students.) RoverTown lets you to browse your discount program any time and redeem discounts by showing your phone to the cashier at your favorite businesses.

Why should I use RoverTown?

College is expensive. But college living doesn’t have to be. RoverTown is FREE, it’s easy, and it’s a the one place to find ALL the exclusive savings that you get for being a college student.

Where do I start?

Download RoverTown for your iPhone or Android device. Sign in with your .edu email address. We will send you an email to verify your .edu email. (RoverTown is only for college students like you.) You can view your full discount program any time and find your favorites. When you visit a business, just fire up RoverTown, tap redeem, and show your phone to the cashier!

What happens when I tap redeem?

When you are viewing a discount on the RoverTown app and you tap “Redeem,” a few things happen. First, you see the Redeem screen. This white screen is what you show to the cashier. It is where a barcode, QR code, or coupon code will be. Then you tap “I’m done.” You may be prompted to verify your age for certain discounts. Also, you may be asked to provide feedback so that we share the best discounts with everyone!

What does the code mean that appears when I click redeem?

When you redeem a discount using RoverTown, you may see a barcode, QR code, or a coupon code. This is for the cashier at the business to use in order to apply your discount. Discounts that do not use a code will just show the RoverTown bone. All you need to do is tap “Redeem” and show your phone to the cashier.

Do I need a credit card?

Never! RoverTown is 100% FREE! We will never ask for your credit card or for any payment information of any type. But we might ask you to write us a 5 star review in the app store.

Does it cost money to use RoverTown?

RoverTown is 100% FREE for students to use always and forever.

What if I try to use a discount and it doesn’t work?

If you have a bad experience with any RoverTown discount, tap “Discount Not Accepted” on the Redeem screen or go to “Support” to submit a report.

Do I need my student ID?

RoverTown recommends bringing your student ID in case a business asks to see it. You can also save a photo of your student ID in the app. After you save a student ID photo, turn your phone sideways while redeeming a discount to show your ID photo.

Can I add student discounts to RoverTown?

Absolutely! RoverTown is YOUR student discount program. Submit a discount any time using the “Submit a Discount” feature in the app. It’s easy!

Can I use my RoverTown discounts online?

Yes! In addition to local discounts near campus, RoverTown offers online discounts as well! View these discounts in the “Online” category in the app, or go to the Online Discounts page.

How often can I use each discount?

Most RoverTown discounts have no limit. Any limitations are clearly listed when you tap on a discount in the app.

Do RoverTown discounts have an expiration date?

Some RoverTown discounts have expiration dates, but we automatically remove old discounts from the app. If you see a discount live on RoverTown, it’s ready to redeem.

What mobile devices does RoverTown support?

RoverTown supports Android devices from version 4.0.3 Jellybean through 5.1.1 Lollipop. We support iPhones with iOS 7.0 through iOS 8.4.1. Basically, if you’ve bought an iPhone or Android phone within the last few years, you’re good.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

Without a smartphone it’s going to be extremely hard to use the RoverTown app. RoverTown is designed to be 100% mobile and paperless, so you’re going to need an iPhone or Android device with a working data connection.

Can I show a RoverTown email or website to redeem RoverTown discounts?

Nope. RoverTown emails and the RoverTown website are to notify you of new student discounts in the area. Use the RoverTown app to redeem each student discount.

Can I print a RoverTown discount / coupon?

No. There is no printable version of any RoverTown discount. You must use a smartphone to access and use your student discounts.

Can I use RoverTown at another school that I am visiting?

Yes, in most cases you can use your RoverTown student discounts at another school that you are visiting. In fact, RoverTown is accepted across the country. However, some businesses might require you to show a valid ID for a local college. RoverTown does not maintain a list of businesses that require a local ID. However, from our experience we can tell you that it is rare for a business owner to turn down an ID from an out of town school.

What is the “Activity” tab in the RoverTown app?

The Activity tab shows you everything that’s happening on RoverTown for your campus. Find out about the newest and most popular discounts, view the most recent discount comments, and more. If everyone is out getting a free soda and you’re just sitting in your dorm, the activity tab is where you’ll find out about it.

What can I do with Bones and Badges that I earn?

You earn Bones for redeeming discounts, sharing, leaving comments, submitting new discounts, and more. Badges provide challenges to motivate you to save. The more Bones and Badges you earn, the more you know you’re helping yourself and other students save money!

Why should I fill out my user profile?

Your user profile does a few things. It helps us learn a little about you so we can show you the most relevant discounts to you. It gives you an identity when leaving comments on discounts. Lastly, it qualifies you to get special promotions from the businesses you follow.

How do I give feedback on a discount?

The best way to share your experience is by leaving a comment on a discount. Tap on a discount in the RoverTown app and tap the “Comments” button. You can upvote or downvote comments so the most helpful information floats to the top.

What is Dollars for Downloads?

It’s how we give back to you for telling more students about RoverTown. We give you a referral code. When your friends and classmates sign up, they use your code. You get a dollar AND they get a dollar! For every $10 you earn, RoverTown will pay you using Venmo, a free payment service. There’s no limit to how much you can earn! View the details here.