Refer your friends to RoverTown.
Earn a dollar for every download!

Dolla Dolla Bills, Ya'll!

Dollars for Downloads

Pop quiz: How hard would it be to convince classmates to access all their students discounts for FREE using nothing but their smartphone? Answer: Not hard at all. Why? Because all they have to do is download RoverTown for FREE!

How It Works

  1. Get your unique referral code from the Dollars for Downloads section of your RoverTown app. (Launch app > Menu > Dollars for Downloads)
  2. Make sure they use YOUR referral code when your friends sign up for RoverTown.
  3. You earn $1 for every download you get!
  4. Every time you stack up $10 we'll pay you using Venmo, a free payment service.

How to Get Started

Already have the RoverTown app? Just fire it up and navigate to the "Dollars for Downloads" section in your menu!

Don't have the app yet? No biggie. We'll text you a direct link to download the app. (Don't worry, we don't keep or share your number.)

How to Get Started

Already have the RoverTown app? Just fire it up and navigate to the "Dollars for Downloads" section!


Don't have the app yet? No biggie. You can download RoverTown right now for FREE to get started!

Get the App

Important Things to Remember

  1. You're not selling anything. RoverTown is always 100% FREE for students.
  2. RoverTown can save students $50 or more per month on food, retail, night life, and more.
  3. All you need is your smartphone and the RoverTown app to start saving.
  4. You must have a Venmo account in order to get paid. (Don't worry, it's a free service.)

Great Ways to Get Downloads

  1. Get a couple people from each of your classes to download RoverTown.
  2. Ask your roommates and friends to help you earn a dollar.
  3. Post your referral code to social media.
  4. Get freshmen to download RoverTown so they can find nearby businesses.
  5. Hang out on campus and chat up fellow students.
  6. Mention RoverTown at your favorite local bar or party spot.

Make Sure They Use Your Code!

When your friends download RoverTown, they'll sign up and then see this screen. Make sure they enter your code in the referral code box!